A new home is possible with zero or low down!

Owning a home should be safe, affordable and easy to accomplish.

Why should you consider buying a home?

  • Owning a home is the first step toward building financial security
  • Buying a home earns you thousands of dollars in tax savings each year
  • Buying a home increases your tax refund by thousands of dollars per year
  • Why rent? Invest in yourself
  • As a home owner you make all the decisions about your living space
  • Your home will appreciate in value as you pay it off

What we do for you!

  • We work with banks to get you pre-qualified!
  • We show you how to get financing as low as 0% down
  • We show you how to reduce or save PMI costs
  • We negotiate homeowner warranties to cover maintenance
  • We can help qualify credit scores as low as 580

Find your home today!


Steps to Buy

  • Find out if you can do it
  • Learn to finance a home
  • Find the home for you